Underwater Field Guide to Ross Island & McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

Text & Web Site: Peter Brueggeman
ID-useful images are gratefully considered for incorporation into this Field Guide; contact peterbman(at)gmail.com
Principal Photographer & Project Initiator: Norbert Wu
Photographs: Steve Alexander; Bill Baker; Isidro Bosch; Sam Bowser/S043 Archives; Jeffrey Bozanic; Rod Budd/Antarctica New Zealand; Peter Brueggeman; Kirsten Carlson/National Science Foundation; Kathleen Conlan/Canadian Museum of Nature; Bill Curtsinger; Paul Cziko; Paul Dayton; Guenter Foersterra; Bjørn Gulliksenda/UWPhoto ANS; Vreni Haeussermann; Shawn Harper; Luke Hunt; Henry Kaiser; Uwe Kils; Stacy Kim/ROV SCINI; Adam G. Marsh; Jim Mastro; Bruce A. Miller; Eva Philipp; Kevin Raskoff; Hans Peter Reinthaler; Rob Robbins; Steve Rupp/National Science Foundation; Robert Sanders/Sam Bowser/S043 Archives; Dirk Schories; M Dale Stokes.
demosponges, glass sponges, calcareous sponges
anemones, soft coral, medusae, siphonophores, hydroids, jellyfish
nudibranchs, pteropods, gastropods, bivalves, chitons, octopus
seastars, urchins, brittle stars, sea cucumbers, crinoids
sea spiders, amphipods, isopods, copepods, krill, ostracods, mysids,
tanaids, barnacles, shrimp
salps, ascidians, tunicates, fish, penguins, marine mammals
Ctenophora (comb jellies, ctenophores) -- Nemertea (proboscis worms) --
Bryozoa (bryozoans) -- Brachiopoda (brachiopods, lamp shells) --
Chaetognatha (arrow worms) --
Annelida (polychaetes, bristle worms, featherduster worms, leeches)
foraminiferans, amoeba, algae, diatoms
First published in April 1998,... updated continuously. Text ©Peter Brueggeman. DISCLAIMER: This Field Guide aims to facilitate underwater/topside field identification from visual characters. Most organisms were identified from photographs with no specimen collection, so these identifications are to the taxonomic level possible from photographs.

The National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs sponsored Norbert Wu on an Artist's and Writer's Grant and this Field Guide is a direct result of that sponsorship and Norbert Wu's efforts.
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Photographs © copyrighted, and may not be used in any form without the express written permission of the photographer whose name is overlaid on an image. Contact individual photographers to request permission; do not contact Peter Brueggeman, who is not authorized to grant permission for use of these photographers' images. Norbert Wu does not grant permission for uncompensated use of his photos under any circumstances whatsoever; see www.norbertwu.com for information.

Photographs © Steve Alexander, Isidro Bosch, Sam Bowser (S043 Archives), Jeffrey Bozanic, Rod Budd/Antarctica New Zealand, Peter Brueggeman, Kirsten Carlson/National Science Foundation, Kathleen Conlan (courtesy, Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa/Canada), Bill Curtsinger, Paul Cziko, Paul Dayton, Guenter Foersterra, Bjørn Gulliksen, Vreni Haeussermann, Shawn Harper, Luke Hunt, Henry Kaiser, Uwe Kils, Stacy Kim, Mike Lucibella/National Science Foundation, Adam G. Marsh, Jim Mastro, Bruce A. Miller, Eva Philipp, Kevin Raskoff, Hans Peter Reinthaler, Rob Robbins, Steve Rupp/National Science Foundation, Robert Sanders (Sam Bowser/S043 Archives), Dirk Schories, M Dale Stokes, Norbert Wu.
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