Scuba dive on Yukon, October 29, 2011
great water clarity this dive!
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Metridium giganteum anemones on Yukon ship propellor

color morphs of Pachycerianthus fimbriatus tube anemones

Looking up the ship's deck and railings (deck is vertical, ship is on its side)

Looking up the ship's deck: blackeye goby, gorgonian fan coral

Metridium giganteum anemones on underside of deck structure

brown rockfish

equipment inside the ship

seastar inside ship

Metridium giganteum anemone on desk structure

seastar on pipe rising off deck

sheep crab and painted greenling fish, on strawberry anemones

sheep crab, painted greenling Oxylebius pictus, and calico rockfish, on strawberry anemones

senorita wrasse on buoy line