Scuba dive at Point Loma, March 17, 2013
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blackeye goby Rhinogobiops nicholsii in its refuge, next to cup coral. These gobies defend their territory, do not flee from the diver, & shelter in a refuge.

juvenile sheephead Semicossyphyus pulcher, a wrasse which swims with its pectoral fins and not its tail fin. These are an elusive juvenile fish to photograph, a difficult & frustrating subject, flitting about, fleeing. I keep trying....

strawberry anemones Corynactis california among a kelp holdfast, which is the rooting structure of a Macrocystis kelp plant, stretching to the surface above me. You can see the arms of a brittle star, at middle right, which shelter in the kelp holdfasts.

a filter-feeding featherduster polychaete worm (lower left), among strawberry anemones Corynactis california, and filter-feeding purple encrusting bryozoans

a handsome cabezon Scorpaenichthys marmoratus, which can live up to nineteen years

a Tritonia festiva sea slug on blue encrusting sponge

proliferating anemone Epiactis prolifera, on Macrocystis pyrifera kelp blade float