Scuba dive off Point Loma, March 16, 2014
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Facelina stearnsi nudibranch

it's uncommon to see these in San Diego

Facelina stearnsi [left] & Hermissenda opalescens [right] nudibranchs

uncommon & common

Strawberry anemones & Mexichromis porterae nudibranch

Mexichromis porterae nudibranch

it's uncommon to see these in San Diego

Peltodoris nobilis nudibranch & featherduster polychaete worm

sheep crab Loxorhynchus grandis

showing its mouth foot with a pinching claw
those must come in handy
... carrying your own fork around with you all the time

Courting painted greenlings Oxylebius pictus down a rock crack

the darkly colored male at right was jittering its body
in front of the lighter colored female at left
and impressing the heck out of her

Male painted greenling Oxylebius pictus in its courtship spawning coloration

normal male coloration is similar to the female

Spawning painted greenlings Oxylebius pictus

the lighter colored female looked more vividly colored than normal
she must have really wanted this bad boy